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Ovatek life raft found in Iceland after 4 months

November 1, 2007

An Ovatek 7 that was purchase for testing purpose, was anchored in open sea in the area of St-John, Newfoundland, Canada. Before the positioning system was installed in the Ovatek rigid life raft to conduct drifting test, the mooring cable that was holding it in place broke during a major storm and drifted away. After more than 4 months, the Ovatek 7 was found by some fishermen on the shore of Iceland. Other than many scratches, the Ovatek 7 was in perfect shape. The Ovatek 7 got shipped back to Canada to proceed with the testing.



"The boat was on fire and drifted up to the Ovatek life raft. We were lucky it was fire retardant. We had time to paddle clear."

Daniel Johns, Captain,
MV Last Call, Tampa, FL

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