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Key advantages over traditional inflatable life rafts

Check No annual inspections & repacking

The Ovatek doesn’t require the annual inspections and repacking like the typical inflatable life rafts. This dramatically reduces costs and results in the life rafts being less expensive than a conventional life raft. The only inspection required is at every 4 years for the replacement of the hydrostatic release, flares & food supply.

Check Indestructible & unlimited shelf life

This dual fiberglass hull foam core provides unmatched strength & durability.  The hull provides unlimited shelf life and will outlive any inflatable life raft.

Check Transport Canada & US Coast guard approved

The Ovatek life rafts went through many impact and drop tests to be Transport Canadian & US Coast Guard approved. Since the Ovatek 7 is for more than 6 occupants, it meets also SOLAS regulations.

Check Selft-Righting

With its bottom weighted design which results in a low center of gravity and with large water ballasts, Ovatek life rafts are self-righting. Unlike the inflatable life raft, the Ovatek is always ready to board.

Check Hypothermia Protection

The Ovatek life rafts are made of a double fiberglass shell filled with 1.5” of polyurethane foam.  This construction provides strong structural capacities and provides great isolation to protect survivors from hypothermia.

Check Ease of boarding

The Ovatek life rafts can be boarded easily and safely directly from the boats deck or from the sea.  A foldable ladder inside the entry hatch is easily accessible to facilitate the boarding of the Ovatek life raft.

Check Unsinkable

The two hatches and two vents seal tightly which prevents water infiltration.  Testing proved that even lowered 8 feet deep in the water, the inside of the Ovatek remained dry.

Check No Inflation & Puncture proof

Unlike the inflatable life raft, there is no concern that the Ovatek fiberglass life rafts may be punctured or may not inflate.  The Ovatek is also fire retardant. They can also be used for practicing safety drills without costly repackaging.

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"We used the Ovatek as a safe haven and waited inside. When the boat sank, we floated free. The conditions were so bad that we may not have survived if we had jumped overboard."

Pierre-Marc Dufresne, Captain,
MV Caboteur, Rivière-aux-Renards

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