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Ovatek life raft found in Iceland after 4 months

November 1, 2007

An Ovatek 7 that was purchase for testing purpose, was anchored in open sea in the area of St-John, Newfoundland, Canada. Before the positioning system was installed in the Ovatek rigid life raft to conduct drifting test, the mooring cable that was holding it in place broke during a major storm and drifted away. After more than 4 months, the Ovatek 7 was found by some fishermen on the shore of Iceland. Other than many scratches, the Ovatek 7 was in perfect shape. The Ovatek 7 got shipped back to Canada to proceed with the testing.



"We used the Ovatek as a safe haven and waited inside. When the boat sank, we floated free. The conditions were so bad that we may not have survived if we had jumped overboard."

Pierre-Marc Dufresne, Captain,
MV Caboteur, Rivière-aux-Renards

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